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This book is the second volume in a series of pictures, stories, and reminiscences about The Sherburne Inn. It focuses on the stories of the people who owned the Inn during its first century, featuring memories of how they made the Inn such a special place. We hope you like it.

The Sherburne Inn opened in 1917 and, under several owners, provided a central gathering place for more than 80 years of first dates and wedding celebrations, meetings and receptions, memories and stories. It gained a reputation that placed it among upstate New York’s premier restaurants and inns.

As we approach the building’s centennial celebration, the community of Sherburne has come together again—to ensure that the place our parents and grandparents loved and shared with us can continue to grace our village well into its second century.

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All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit
Save the Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc.