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Time for real-world answers
to real-world stuff.

Know where you're headed with your finances?

Ever wonder how wealthy people got that way?

Worried about understanding the Market, credit, savings, loans, and health care?

Hoping to establish good financial habits on your first job?

We've got you covered.

There's lots of financial advice out there, but not a lot of simple, easy-to-follow information you can trust. This books changes that.

Get It Together combines the resources of a former attorney and credit expert and a former financial services professional who share a talent for giving clear, simple explanations to financial planning questions.

Their goal is to help graduates understand their personal finances from the start so they can begin building their financial futures from the first day out of school. This book includes information on:

Organizing Your Finances | Credit • Student Loans | Taxes | Health Insurance | Good & Bad Debt •
Life Insurance | Mortgages • Employer Benefits | Saving & Investments |Will and Estate Planning

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