What they’re saying about Get It Together:

Several times each week, I hear from our clients that if they had become financially literate, they would have made different decisions to avoid the economic distress they face.  This book is a “real-world” tool that offers practical education and direction for high school and college

students. It can help jump-start their healthy financial futures.”

-Sharon Fowler

Executive Director, The LendingTree Foundation



"So many students and their parents have asked colleges and universities to provide exactly what Shannon Prosser and Hallie Hawkins present so effectively here−crucial, real-world, managing-your-life advice." 

Dr. Robert Weisbuch
President, Drew University



From Our Readers:

“As a recent graduate with little money to my name and not a whole lot coming in, I wanted to make sure I was pro-active about learning smart ways to manage that cash flow. There is SO much overwhelming information out there and people trying to push their services on you, but this book really gives someone starting out the tools to make smart decisions with their money and plan for their future. It’s current, based off of today’s issues recent graduates have to deal with, but includes building blocks and basic saving information as well. Great buy!”


“It’s shocking to me that high school and college kids learn calculus, ancient history, foreign languages, etc. in school but seldom learn anything about managing money. This book is an easy way for young people to tackle this most important life skill. It not only provides essential information but provides places in each chapter for readers to fill in blanks and quizzes so they can focus on their own situations and set priorities. Faced with budgeting, paying back college loans, saving to buy a home, or funding retirement (which seems so far off it’s easy to overlook!), kids who aren’t financially savvy will have a lot of difficulty reaching their financial goals. This reader friendly book is the perfect tutor. I’m giving it to my 20-something daughter.”


“This is a great basic personal finance book. It touches on subjects we all need to understand, with enough information to guide important decisions about credit, debt, student loans, interest rates, insurance, etc. etc. etc. Appropriate for anyone thinking about how to earn, save and spend money. A perfect graduation gift.”


“This book should be required reading for every high school and college senior! It is written from TODAY’S perspective, gives opportunities to work through examples to cement the concepts, and it is truly FULL of information most adults didn’t learn until too late, and many still don’t know! If you struggle with your own finances, read this book. If you want the BEST graduation gift - one that shows you really CARE about that graduates future - this is the gift. This is a meager investment in the financial well-being of whomever is the lucky recipient. Can’t say enough good about it.”